Code deployments simplified

ρaratasso was built to simplify code deployments to the web. No config files, nothing to learn, no arbitrary restrictions, and all at a ground-breaking price.

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So What Is It?

ρaratasso is a CI/CD tool designed to make life simple for developers and affordable for everyone. We provide automated code deploys to as many servers or load balancers as you want all at the same time. Most CI/CD tools have a "build" process that requires custom YAML files, lots of trial and error, and result in long deploy times as you wait for a VM to spin up. If you couple that with arbitrary limits on the number of concurrent deploys you spend more time sitting around waiting than you do developing. Paratasso still allows you to run any commands or scripts that you would like as a part of your deploy process but the basics of getting code deployed are handled for you. From signing up to deploying your first commit should be as simple and easy as possible.

How does it work?

Unlimited Deploys

No limits on the number of deploys. Ever.

Parallel Deploys

No arbitrary limits on the number of concurrent deploys. All deploys begin instantly.

Affordable Pricing

ρaratasso is free for CD up to 5 repositories!

Simple To Use

No proprietary jargon here. Add a repository, add a branch, add servers, and you're ready to go!

No Waiting

Never wait for a VM to build or spin up. When you push code, your deploy starts within seconds.


Integrates seamlessly with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, AWS, and more to come!

Constantly Improving

We have a long list of improvements and new features that are on the way!

Planned Improvements

We're constantly improving ρaratasso and have tons of great features/improvements that are in the works. The following is a list of things we're working on and excited about.

  • GitLab Integration - Launched
  • Bitbucket Integration - Launched
  • DigitalOcean Integration - Launched
  • SSH Key Generation - Launched
  • Teams
  • Advanced Deployment Options:
    • Zero-Downtime Deploys
    • Blue-Green Deploys
    • More Granular LoadBalancer Deploy Options
    • Slow-roll/Synchronous Deploys
    • Deployment Rollback - Launched
  • Advanced Deploy Steps
    • Unit Tests
    • Linting
    • Static Analysis
  • AWS Lambda Deploys
  • Bastion Server Support
  • Email Notifications
  • Advanced Notification Configuration