Simple a la carte pricing

ρaratasso has a 3-day free trial to let you try it out for yourself. It also has a simple pricing structure to accomodate user and teams of all sizes. There is one base $5 plan that gives you 5 deployed repositories per month. Each additional deployed repository per month is an additional $1. For example, you can have 23 repositories setup in your account but during a given month only deploy code to 11 repositories. In that scenario your bill for the month in question would be $11. This way you're not penalized for having too few or too many repositories.

How do we stack up?

There are many CI/CD options out there and we've made some big claims. Let's see how ρaratasso compares to some popular alternatives.

TravisCI CircleCI Codeship ρaratasso
Concurrent Deploys 2 1 2 Unlimited
Number of Deploys Unlimited Unlimited 100 Unlimited
Projects/Repos Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Setup Custom YAML Custom YAML Custom YAML Simple GUI
Free of Custom Code
Simple Load Balancer Integration & Deploy
$129/mo $150/mo $150/mo $5/mo

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All of our features


  • 3-day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Unlimited Branches
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Deploys
  • All Deploys Concurrent
  • Instant Deploys
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Simple Setup